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Chemie-Link Sdn Bhd, a company established in 2005 that supplies and distributes chemicals and solvents to diversified industry players in the market. Our products and services include:

  • Chemicals Products - Solvent, Acid, Salts, Indicator, Buffer 
  • Fine Chemicals - Inorganic and Organic, HPLC standards, BP and USP grade Excipient 
  • Filters - Micro-filtration, Membrane, Syringe Filter 
  • Chromatography - Silica Gel, Columns, SPE, TLC Plate 
  • Liquid Handling - Micro-Pipette, Pipettes, Tips, Multichannel  
  • Lab Comsumables - Vials, Glasswares, Plasticwares, Syringes, Microplates 
  • Lab Apparatus - Thermohygrometer, pH meter, Balance, Thermometer, etc. 
  • Services - Custom Made Glassware and Research Apparatus

Our product varieties such as excipient, membrane filters, silica gel, syringe and vial and our continuous chemical research initiatives have propelled us to one of the comprehensive suppliers of chemicals. Please contact us for any enquiries.

Laboratory Glasswares

Beakers, Measuring Cylinders, Volumetric Flasks, Erlenmeyer Flask, Pipettes, Burettes.